The Subject Is …

The subject is my Life.
Actually not my Life
But my life.
I want my life to count.
Not just for love, even though that is beautiful.
Not just for truth, although it’s powerful.
Not just for yoga
even though you can make it a form of physical stretching and prayer to the Lord.
I want my life to count for my Savior, my Jesus.
He wrapped me in security when I was fighting against Him for a few months.
He taught truth to a group of 300 women in this day and age,
and amazingly truth appears a lot like love.
If only we as humans could speak truth as love the way Jesus does.
He gently spoke truth in love to the adulteress caught in the act.Image
To feed 5,000 announcing “you guys of little faith.”
He said “Believe. Don’t worry. Take life a day at a time. Jesus has your life in His Hand.”
I want to be like Him….loving, healing everyone….or at least many.
I want a heart of tears to take my people under My wing.
I want to give all of Me asking Why like Jesus did?
I want to love.
Change me Lord, make me like You.





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